We’re back and we have a new addition to the family

Hi everyone once again very,very long time between blogs. We’ve had a very exciting time we finally fell pregnant in 2012 which we were so excited & worried for as we had a few obstacles along the way with the pregnancy which included plenty of appointments and being told by my care givers we will aim for 30 weeks. Our bub was due in March 2013 and they were suggesting January 2013 and that’s exactly what happened. We were blessed with a little girl 1.3kg. We spent 3 months in hospital and were able to take her home Good Friday or as my little 5 year old said Great Friday. The next 3 months were spent going to fro to appointments averaging 4-5 a week, things starting to slow down by September where we were attending fortnightly appointments till Christmas. 2013 was a huge year having a premature bub my 5 year started school and we did a few cosmetic changes to the business. But above all else we have been very blessed as my little girl is a right little gem, we still have plenty of appointments etc. to attend but we are back in full swing and are looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone in 2014.

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