What happened between August to now………..

Well what can I say it has been a long time between blogs just a little recap from the end of our last blog
:we had a nasty fall in August which slowed us down a little (we thought the hip was broken but luckily only a sprained pelvis; unfortunately I don’t think my neighbours think I am a quiet non swearing lady any more). This excitement was followed by our landlords deciding to put the house on the market. So in between nursing the injury, running our two businesses, grieving the loss of our beloved pet, we had to present the house for the Vogue photo shoot (thank heavens we have a double garage). Needless to say this was followed right through to christmas and into the New year of House openings on the week ends. (the only positive it made me get in and do the house work first thing). So to wrap up the end of 2011 we had a lovely visit from Santa ensured we had pampered all our clients before we closed the shop for a break. We reopened back in January and have been slowly getting back in to the swing of everything, 4year old kinder etc. Which brings us to our next blog…………..

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